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    Security: Don’t just keep up, keep house - a blog from the Cisco Partner Summit 2016

    Chris Gabriel explains why CIOs are worried about threats from Ransomware to Ghostware put Network Security Investment as their #1 Priority – and why Cisco research shows they also need to keep...

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    Tags Security, Cisco, Cyber Security, CIO Survey

    CIO Survey 2016 reveals three digital challenges for CIOs

    As the results of the 2016 Logicalis CIO Survey are published, Joanne Nelson reveals how distributed IT, shadow IT departments and data security risks are the big issues for CIOs as they respond to...

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    Tags CIO, Digital, CIO Survey

    CDOs’ mission incomplete

    Chris Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Logicalis Europe, takes a look at the role of the CDO and why, just possibly, the CDO may outlast the CTO and CIO.

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    Tags Digital Transformation, Digital, CDO, IT Transformation

    ITSM and ITIL – managing constant change

    Eugene Wolf, CEO at Logicalis SMC, explains why there is no end game in IT transformation and how IT Service Management (ITSM) and the ITIL model can help deal with constant change.

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    Tags Managed Services, Outsourcing Services, IT Trends, ITSM, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

    KISS: Keep IT simple, stupid

    The volume of jargon and acronyms used by IT people is no longer a measure of expertise. Rodrigo Parreira, CEO at Logicalis LATAM, urges us to simplify the language we use in IT in order to move...

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    Tags IT Leadership, customer focus, IT leaders, IT trends, IT Trends, IT Transformation

    Pokémon Go and IT Collaboration

    Alasdair Ford, Chief Technologist for Collaboration at Logicalis UK, considers the lessons businesses can learn from Pokémon Go.

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    Tags Digital, IT Trends, Spatial Intelligence, Collaboration

    How a Digitised Network can Securely Transform Your Business

    Mike Johnson, Director of Technical Sales for Logicalis US, looks at how a digitised network can help you transform your business without sacrificing security.

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    Tags Digitised Network, Strategy, Digital, SDN

    Five threats to the success of IT transformation projects

    Greg Daley, Solutions Architect at Logicalis Australia, identifies five risks common to significant technology transformations, and are applicable across software, infrastructure, and applications.

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    Tags IT Leadership, Development, IT Trends, IT Transformation

    Flash Storage – What CIOs really need to know

    Brett Anderson, Senior Director of  HPE Solutions for Logicalis US, looks at the latest views on flash storage and explains that not everything is what it seems; helping CIOs to avoid being dazzled...

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    Tags storage, IT trends, Storage and Backup, Flash Storage, IT Trends

    Five cyber security questions CIOs must be able to answer…

    Given the eye watering costs that can be incurred when security doesn’t do its job, Ricky Magalhaes, head of the Offshore Security Services Division at Logicalis, looks at the steps CIOs can take to...

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    Tags Security, Strategy, Data Protection and Privacy, Cyber Security, data security

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