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Joanne Nelson

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Brand and Technology – How the Digital Experience Affects Brand Loyalty

Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing, Logicalis, looks at the technology user experience and its influence on brand perception.

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Tags Digital Transformation, IT Leadership, Strategy, IT leaders, Business Strategy

6 Cyber Security articles you must read.

As news headlines tell us that cyber security lessons are to be offered at schools in England, the US Department of Defense's (DoD's) cyber security capabilities are being called into question and...

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Tags Security, cybersecurity, Cyber Security

CIO Survey 2016 reveals three digital challenges for CIOs

As the results of the 2016 Logicalis CIO Survey are published, Joanne Nelson reveals how distributed IT, shadow IT departments and data security risks are the big issues for CIOs as they respond to...

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Tags CIO, Digital, CIO Survey

CIO Survey - what do you think?

As regular readers of CXO Unplugged will know, Logicalis has conducted an annual global survey of CIO pressures and priorities since 2013.

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Tags CIO, CIO Survey

Could Facebook’s dreams change your business?

Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing at Logicalis, considers how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s vision for the future of the business could affect the wider business community in the years to...

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Tags IT Leadership, Strategy, Wi-fi, Social, IT Trends, Facebook, Business Strategy

5 Business Intelligence (BI) articles for the CIO and CTO

Our recent CIO Survey shows analytics, and its business intelligence (BI) output, is a major concern for CIOs. Joanne Nelson draws our attention to five business intelligence articles from CXO...

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Tags Business Intelligence, business intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics

SMAC - Social, mobile, analytics or cloud?

As CIOs begin a fightback against Shadow IT, engaging with line of business to reshape IT departments as internal service providers, Joanne Nelson looks at their technology priorities.

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Tags Cloud, BYOD, Business Intelligence, mobile, Social, Mobile IT, private cloud, SMAC, cloud computing, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Analytics

Is the CIO fightback underway?

As the Logicalis CIO Survey 2015 tells a story of the continued erosion of CIOs’ traditional powerbase, Joanne Nelson, VP of International Marketing at Logicalis, explains how IT leaders are fighting...

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Tags IT Leadership, IT leaders, IT trends, CIO, IT executives, Business Strategy

Shadow IT is a reality for 90% of CIOs

As line of business executives take ever more power over IT purchasing, leaving CIOs out of the loop. Joanne Nelson, VP of International Marketing at Logicalis, looks at the scale of the challenge...

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Tags IT Leadership, IT leaders, IT trends, CIO, Software Defined Networking, IT Trends, IT executives, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

Seven articles about the Internet of Things (IoT)

We first talked about the Internet of Things in 2012. Back then we suggested CxOs start asking questions about how it might benefit their customers. Here we highlight seven articles we have published...

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Tags internet of things, IoT, Internet of Things

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