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Our first report from this year’s research, ‘The Changing Role of the CIO’, found that 43% of CIOs are expected to contribute to revenue growth, an increase of 22% on the previous year. As such, the...

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The first report in our four-part series from the 7th Logicalis Global CIO Survey, ‘The Changing Role of the CIO’, discovered that digital transformations are driving major changes for CIOs. As well...

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Executive guide: What is machine learning?

Every minute, hour and day we are generating huge volumes of data, which means ever more sophisticated and powerful tools are required to analyse it if meaningful insights are to be delivered. One...

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Tags Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, IT Trends

What is IBM Watson and what can it do?

Scott Hodges, Delivery Architect Information Insights at Logicalis UK, examines the latest buzz from Big Blue and asks “what is IBM Watson and what can it do?”

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Tags Business Intelligence, business intelligence, IT trends, AI, IT Trends, IBM Watson, Business Analytics

Distributed IT - Shadow IT rebranded

In this sixth blog of our series drawing on the Logicalis Global CIO study, CEO Mark Rogers revisits the thorny issue of Shadow IT – an issue that is both feared for the cracks it creates in an...

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Tags Uncategorised, Distributed IT, CIO Survey, IT Trends, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

IT Security-as-a-Topping is off the menu

According to PwC’s annual Global State of Information Security Survey, UK businesses are spending an average £6.2m every year on IT security (up from £3m in 2015). Richard Alexander, CTO for...

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Tags Security, Digital Transformation, as-a-Service, IT Trends

Making predictions in an unpredictable world

In the year of Brexit and Trump, Chris Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer for Logicalis Europe predicts that electronic digital crime will explode, data privacy breaches will claim scalps, automation...

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Tags Security, Data Protection and Privacy, internet of things, IT Trends, IoT, data security, Internet of Things, Open Source

The Rise of the Shadow IT Department

In this, the second post in a nine-part series, drawing on the Logicalis Global CIO study, Logicalis CEO Mark Rogers assesses how digital disruption is changing the way businesses procure, manage and...

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Tags IT leaders, IT trends, CIO Survey, IT Trends, IT executives, Shadow IT

ITSM and ITIL – managing constant change

Eugene Wolf, CEO at Logicalis SMC, explains why there is no end game in IT transformation and how IT Service Management (ITSM) and the ITIL model can help deal with constant change.

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Tags Managed Services, Outsourcing Services, IT Trends, ITSM, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

KISS: Keep IT simple, stupid

The volume of jargon and acronyms used by IT people is no longer a measure of expertise. Rodrigo Parreira, CEO at Logicalis LATAM, urges us to simplify the language we use in IT in order to move...

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Tags IT Leadership, customer focus, IT leaders, IT trends, IT Trends, IT Transformation

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