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    Headlines from the Global CIO Survey 2017-2018

    Mark Rogers, CEO at Logicalis Group, digs into the Logicalis Global CIO Survey 2017-2018 to pick out some of the major topics arising from the survey of 890 CIOs in 23 countries.

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    Tags Digital Transformation, IT Leadership, Business Intelligence, business intelligence, IT leaders, IT trends, CIO, cybersecurity, CIO Survey

    Distributed IT - Shadow IT rebranded

    In this sixth blog of our series drawing on the Logicalis Global CIO study, CEO Mark Rogers revisits the thorny issue of Shadow IT – an issue that is both feared for the cracks it creates in an...

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    Tags Uncategorised, Distributed IT, CIO Survey, IT Trends, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

    The Rise of the Shadow IT Department

    In this, the second post in a nine-part series, drawing on the Logicalis Global CIO study, Logicalis CEO Mark Rogers assesses how digital disruption is changing the way businesses procure, manage and...

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    Tags IT leaders, IT trends, CIO Survey, IT Trends, IT executives, Shadow IT

    From CIO to CEO

    Mark Rogers, Logicalis Group's CEO, highlights the skills required for CIOs to move in to the top job in their organisations.

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    Tags IT Leadership, CIO, IT Trends, Business Strategy

    The IT power shift: How will CIOs respond?

    As CIOs increasingly accept that line of business colleagues will take over IT purchasing decisions. Mark Rogers, President and COO at Logicalis, assesses their response - drawing on findings from...

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    Tags Strategy, IT leaders, CIO, IT Trends, IT executives, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

    The century post

    In our 100th blog post on CxO Unplugged, Logicalis President and COO Mark Rogers takes a look at highlights and IT trends from the previous ninety-nine.

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    Tags IT trends, IT Trends

    Defining Service-led Transformation – Part 2 Service Defined Enterprise

    In this second of a two part series Mark Rogers examines the real world impact of the shift to ‘Third Platform IT” and the rise of the “Service Defined Enterprise” – what it means for CIOs, IT...

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    Defining Service-led Transformation – Part 1. Third Platform

    In this, the first of a two part series, Mark Rogers, President and COO of Logicalis Group, examines the impact of the “Third Platform” on enterprise IT  - what‘s driving it, how it will affect IT...

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    Tags Service Defined Enterprise, Outsourcing Services, IT Trends, ITSM, Business Strategy

    Weathering the storm: Four ways DRaaS can help you sleep easy

    As the UK begins to recover from its wettest winter for 100 years, while the US and Australia remain in the grip of extreme weather, Mark Rogers looks at how Disaster Recovery as a Service could help...

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    Tags Security, Strategy, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, Business Strategy

    Cyber liability insurance. Another Y2K or a new essential?

    Mark Rogers looks at the huge and rapidly growing market for cyber liability insurance and the risks highlighted by those bringing these new products to market, to ask “Is this something we really...

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    Tags Security, Strategy, Disaster Recovery, IT trends, data security, Business Strategy

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