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    IT Security-as-a-Topping is off the menu

    According to PwC’s annual Global State of Information Security Survey, UK businesses are spending an average £6.2m every year on IT security (up from £3m in 2015). Richard Alexander, CTO for...

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    Tags Security, Digital Transformation, as-a-Service, IT Trends

    Brexit and the loss of Data Sovereignty

    Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, Richard Alexander asks how Brexit might affect data sovereignty for CIOs based in the UK.

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    Tags Data Protection and Privacy, Data Sovereignty, Big Data, Data Centre Services

    Threat centric security for a digital world

    Richard Alexander, Solutions Director for Logicalis in the UK, introduces an infographic that neatly summarises the expanding security considerations that are part and parcel with the digital...

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    Tags Security, Threat centric, Digital

    Internet of Things: The Revolution Has Begun

    Richard Alexander explains why the Internet of Things is fuelling a revolution in business, and warns that specialist skills and a new approach will be critical to realising the opportunities it...

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    Tags converged infrastructure, internet of things, IoT, Internet of Things, Business Strategy

    So what is this Internet of Things?

    Richard Alexander explains why the Internet of Things (IoT) is so much more than fridges that tell us the milk has gone bad, or that you’re running low on eggs - and what its sheer scale means for...

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    Tags IT trends, internet of things, IoT, Internet of Things, Business Strategy

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