Threat centric security for a digital world

Richard Alexander, Solutions Director for Logicalis in the UK, introduces an infographic that neatly summarises the expanding security considerations that are part and parcel with the digital transformation of business.

There can be no doubt that digital transformation, while driving huge business benefits, is also creating new security imperatives.

That is, digital business happens at the edge of the network – think customer endpoints, the cloud, the Internet of Things. It’s fair to say that all this expands the attackable surface, opens up new ways for attackers to try and compromise defences.

But a traditional defence at the edge mentality just won’t cut it anymore. Organisations need to take a “threat centric” approach to security – in short, the threat landscape has changed, and so too should your security strategy.

This infographic sets out these new imperatives and new thinking, so take a look.

Click on the infographic below to get the full PDF version...


Tags Security, Threat centric, Digital