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    Dealing with Really Big Data - Hardware or software?

    Rodrigo Parreira looks at the model that data behemoths like Google, Facebook and Amazon adopted to cope with a requirement to process and store huge quantities of big data – a model that is on the...

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    Tags as-a-Service, Software Defined Networking, SDDC, Big Data, Data Centre, cloud computing, Data Centre Services

    Digital transformation – a familiar trend?

    In the first of a nine-part series Rodrigo Parreira, CEO at Logicalis LATAM, explains why CIOs need comprehensive digital transformation strategies - drawing upon findings from a revealing study that...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, IT trends, CIO, Digital, CIO Survey

    KISS: Keep IT simple, stupid

    The volume of jargon and acronyms used by IT people is no longer a measure of expertise. Rodrigo Parreira, CEO at Logicalis LATAM, urges us to simplify the language we use in IT in order to move...

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    Tags IT Leadership, customer focus, IT leaders, IT trends, IT Trends, IT Transformation

    M2M, sensors and all that

    Having spent a week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Rodrigo Parreira looks beyond the plethora of new, elegant, cool and sleek tablets, smartphones and other devices on display, and...

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    Tags machine to machine, IT Trends, M2M, Business Strategy

    Has video collaboration come of age?

    Rodrigo Parreira, CEO of Logicalis Latin America, explores the latest developments in video collaboration asking, ‘Now the user experience lives up to expectations, has the technology come of age as...

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    Tags Video Collaboration, Managed Services, video collaboration, Collaboration, video conferencing, collaboration

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