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Eugene Wolf

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ITSM and ITIL – managing constant change

Eugene Wolf, CEO at Logicalis SMC, explains why there is no end game in IT transformation and how IT Service Management (ITSM) and the ITIL model can help deal with constant change.

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Tags Managed Services, Outsourcing Services, IT Trends, ITSM, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

The next IT platform: CIOs go ‘software defined’

Eugene Wolf, Managing Director at Logicalis SMC, looks at further results from the Optimal Services Study 2014, which confirms CIOs will move to adopt software defined technologies (SDx), as part of...

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Tags SDx, Software Defined Networking, SDN

Continuous delivery: Huge advantages, but challenges too

Drawing on over 15 years of experience in the professionalisation of IT departments, Eugene Wolf, Director at Logicalis SMC, looks at the benefits and challenges associated with the adoption of a...

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Tags Managed Services, ITSM

Could skills gap hold back software defined (SDN) transformation?

Eugene Wolf, CEO of Logicalis SMC, looks at potential barriers to both SDN adoption and to the realisation of its true transformative value, and concludes that one stands head and shoulders above the...

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Tags Staffing, Software Defined Networking, SDN

The Holy Grail? How to set information free and reign in costs

Eugene Wolf Director of Logicalis SMC explains how Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) can hold the key to delivering a holistic view of fragmented corporate information, to underpin better...

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Tags Enterprise Portfolio Management, EPM, Managed Services, ITSM, Business Strategy

ITSM. Making the whole greater than the sum of its parts

Eugene Wolf, MD of Logicalis SMC in The Netherlands, looks at the benefits associated with taking a holistic approach to ITSM, pointing out that a really effective implementation is about more than...

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Tags Managed Services, ITSM, Business Strategy

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