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    DNS Poisoning and the Enterprise

    Fabio Hashimoto, Technology Manager at PromonLogicalis, gives us the low down on ‘DNS Poisoning’, a hacking technique exploiting inherent vulnerabilities in the internet technologies that are now...

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    The EC, Data Protection and the Compliance ‘Balance Sheet’

    Mark Rogers, COO, Logicalis, gives us his view of the European Commission’s much anticipated draft update to its Data Protection Directive.  What does it mean for businesses and how will it affect...

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    Tags Data Protection and Privacy, data protection, Data Centre, Data Centre Services

    BYOD and the Cloud: The Dilemma Facing IT

    Nathaniel Borenstein, Chief Scientist, Mimecast and one of the pioneers of the MIME standard, gives his view of the challenges posed by the Bring Your Own Device movement – and how forward thinking...

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    Tags BYOD, Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing: An Agent of Change

    By Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Logicalis UK

    Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Logicalis UK, believes cloud computing points to a supply chain model for ICT and a change enabler role for CIOs

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    2012: Time for a rethink?

    Ian Cook offers his thoughts on the technology year ahead, looking in particular at how the emerging technology trends – from BYOD to Big Data – will change the way we think about IT departments.

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    CXO Unplugged is Live!

    Ian Cook, CEO, Logicalis introduces CXO Unplugged, which will bring together a collection of thoughts and views on the big technology and business issues - reflecting the priorities inherent in a...

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