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Tom Kelly

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Harnessing Everyday Innovation – part 2

In the first of this two part series, Ian Cook, explored the role that communication and collaboration technologies can play in harnessing ‘informal innovation’.  In this second part, Logicalis UK...

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Tags Strategy, innovation, Unified Communications, Aerodynamic Business, unified communications, Collaboration, Business Strategy, communication, collaboration

Creating an Aerodynamic Infrastructure (part 2)

In part 1 Tom Kelly discussed the features of an Aerodynamic Infrastructure and, in this second part, he identifies the required building blocks.

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Tags Strategy, Aerodynamic Business, Business Strategy

Creating an Aerodynamic Infrastructure (part 1)

Having made the argument for adopting an Aerodynamic Business model, this two part series continues the theme, looking at the elements needed to create an Aerodynamic Infrastructure. In part 1 we...

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Tags Strategy, Aerodynamic Business, Business Strategy

The Video Games?

The London Olympics will leave many legacies; social, cultural, sporting and infrastructure. But, Tom Kelly argues, a lesser hailed legacy will come in response to overcrowded public transport,...

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Tags Video Collaboration, telepresence solution, IT trends, video as a service, video collaboration, video conferencing

Cloud Computing: An Agent of Change

By Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Logicalis UK

Tom Kelly, Managing Director, Logicalis UK, believes cloud computing points to a supply chain model for ICT and a change enabler role for CIOs

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Tags Cloud Computing

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