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    Bring your own device (BYOD) is here to stay, but what about the risks?

    James Tay, CEO at Logicalis Asia, considers the options when it comes to managing the data security risks associated with BYOD. Should it be the traditional Network Access Control (NAC) approach, the...

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    Tags Security, BYOD, MAM, data security, MDM

    What Makes a CIO ‘Elite’?

    Steve Chaffee, Solution Architect, Outsourcing & Enterprise Cloud Solutions

 looks at what makes a CIO 'elite' and how an 'average' CIO can break out.

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    Tags IT leaders, CIO, Uncategorised, IT executives

    Should businesses look to the Cloud for Disaster Recovery?

    This week Kevin Clark asks whether the Cloud is a suitable component in a Disaster Recover solution and touches on some of the developments in this area as well as providing sound advice to CXOs who...

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    Tags Disaster Recovery, data protection, Data Centre, cloud computing, Cloud Disaster Recovery, Outsourcing, Data Centre Services, Cloud Computing

    Why the Digital Natives need new Digital Adventurers

    This week Chris Gabriel gives his view on the idea that the future of technology and innovation lies in the hands of "Digital Natives".  He draws on his own formative technology experiences to argue...

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    Tags digital adventurer, CIO, Uncategorised, digital natives, digital migrant

    Data Centres – lessons from the field (Part 2)

    This week we welcome back Steve Clarke, a former CIO with long experience at a senior level running IT operations.  In part 1, Steve talked about his experience moving data centre services for a...

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    Tags CIO, Outsourcing Services, Data Centre, Outsourcing, Data Centre Services

    Data Centres – lessons from the field (Part 1)

    This week we hear from Steve Clarke, in the first of a two part series setting out his experience of data centre commissioning.  Steve is a former CIO with long experience at a senior level running...

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    Tags CIO, virtualisation, Data Centre, Data Centre Services

    Business Analytics - A Certain Something

    Chris Gabriel, VP of Solutions Management at Logicalis Group, explores the world of ‘Big Data’, to look at the impact of ‘internet time’ on decision-making and the increasingly central role of...

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    Tags Business Intelligence, business intelligence, Big Data, OODA, Business Analytics

    Has video collaboration come of age?

    Rodrigo Parreira, CEO of Logicalis Latin America, explores the latest developments in video collaboration asking, ‘Now the user experience lives up to expectations, has the technology come of age as...

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    Tags Video Collaboration, Managed Services, video collaboration, Collaboration, video conferencing, collaboration

    Is Your Organisation at the Edge of Innovation? It’s Time IT Applied the Final Push

    Chris Gabriel, VP of Solutions Management at Logicalis Group, thinks ICT has too often been a limiting factor when it comes to innovation at the organisational edge.  He argues that the time, and the...

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    Tags technology innovation, IT trends, CIO, Unified Communications, Uncategorised, Managed Services, unified communications, Data Centre, cloud computing, Data Centre Services, Cloud Computing

    DNS Poisoning and the Enterprise

    Fabio Hashimoto, Technology Manager at PromonLogicalis, gives us the low down on ‘DNS Poisoning’, a hacking technique exploiting inherent vulnerabilities in the internet technologies that are now...

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    Tags Security, DNS, Uncategorised, Managed Services, DNS cache poisoning, ISP, DNS poisoning

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