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Mike Alley

Recent Posts

IoT Configuration Management - 3 Crucial Questions

Mike Alley, Service Management Principal, Logicalis US, looks at the burning need for a configuration management framework in the face of 21 billion IoT "things'.

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Tags Digital Transformation, Strategy, internet of things, IoT, ITSM, Internet of Things

Navigating the rapids: How CIOs can stay relevant

Mike Alley looks at the challenges facing CIOs operating in an increasingly user-driven business technology landscape – and identifies three key steps that could help smart CIOs to transform IT...

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Tags IT leaders, IT trends, CIO, IT Trends, IT executives

The Fractional CIO and ITSM: Keeping the balls in the air

Mike Alley, Director of IT Service Management for Logicalis US, looks at the role IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions can play in helping CIOs to maintain control of increasingly complex...

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Tags Managed Services, ITSM, Business Strategy

Is there a staffing crisis that will change the face of IT?

Right now staffing accounts for more than 30% of the average IT budget – so it’s little wonder that headcount is always under scrutiny as companies look efficiencies and opportunities to manage...

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Tags Staffing, IT Staffing, Business Strategy


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