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    The rise of Shadow IT – should CIOs take umbrage?

    A recent article from Logicalis Australia discussed Shadow IT, sometimes know as Stealth IT, and how CIOs need to re-assert themselves in their organisations as other departments take the lion’s...

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    Tags IT leaders, Managed Services, IT executives, Stealth IT, Outsourcing, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

    EU Cyber Security Directive

    Mark Rogers addresses growth and security and how a proposed EU Cyber Security Directive focussing on network and information security (NIS), must get the balance right.

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    Tags Security, Strategy, EU, IT Trends, Europe, Business Strategy

    M2M, sensors and all that

    Having spent a week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Rodrigo Parreira looks beyond the plethora of new, elegant, cool and sleek tablets, smartphones and other devices on display, and...

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    Tags machine to machine, IT Trends, M2M, Business Strategy

    BYOD in Schools – Taking Care of Security

    Following Chris Gabriel’s examination of BYOD in Education, this follow up addresses some of the security issues faced by BYOD in schools.

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    Tags Security, BYOD, Strategy, Education

    EU Data Protection Directive enters Hot Phase

     EU Data Protection Directive enters "Hot Phase"

    Mark Rogers takes a look at the latest developments in the European Commission’s drive to harmonise data protection legislation across the EU with a...

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    Tags Strategy, Data Protection and Privacy, data protection, IT Trends, Business Strategy

    How to COPE with BYOD

    Chris Meager looks at Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE), a BYOD model that may suit organisations who require a higher degree of predictability over their network of devices, with the...

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    Tags BYOD, Strategy, IT trends, COPE, IT Trends, Business Strategy

    Real time education for the Real Time Generation

    BYOD isn’t the only way to embed technology in education, says Chris Gabriel.

    The Real Time Generation survey, the results of which we released late last year, highlighted young people’s attitudes to...

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    Tags BYOD, technology innovation, IT Trends, Education

    ICT Education and the Raspberry Ripple


    Raspberry Pi - why not give every 11-16 year old the opportunity to program?

    The next generation of digital innovators is already out there.  We are just not looking in the right places nor...

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    Tags digital adventurer, realtime generation, IT trends, innovation, digital natives, IT Trends

    Big Data or Accurate Data – Horse in, Beef out…

    Chris Gabriel points out that the impact of the European horsemeat scandal isn’t limited to every related piece of digital information in computer systems across Europe being wrong.  But that every...

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    Tags Big Data, Business Analytics

    BYOD in Schools – High Definition Education?

    BYOD in schools, Chris Gabriel looks at whether allowing school children to BYOD is a good idea or just a faddy notion.

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    Tags BYOD, IT trends, BYOD Education, digital natives

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