CXO Unplugged is Live!

Ian Cook, CEO, Logicalis introduces CXO Unplugged, which will bring together a collection of thoughts and views on the big technology and business issues - reflecting the priorities inherent in a range of senior executive and board level positions.

Welcome to CXO Unplugged, a new blog from Logicalis.  It’s designed to be read not just by Logicalis staff but the wider community to which we belong. Customers, suppliers, analysts and anyone else who might be interested.

First of all, let me say what the site is not:  It is not a platform for corporate positioning or a sales tool, nor is it a place where we will directly promote Logicalis products and services, no matter how tempting that may be.

I am not, however, going to pretend that CXO Unplugged is entirely divorced from corporate life and that we don’t see benefits in running it.  Clearly it offers us a channel through which to share some of the insights, ideas and perspectives that are shaped by our interaction with well over 5,000 customers and partners worldwide, as well as the wider market.  There are obvious benefits to be realised from doing that well – both in demonstrating our expertise, and in creating discussion that will add to our understanding of boardroom priorities in a particularly challenging business environment.

‘Doing it well’ means keeping the content interesting not self-interested, and informative rather than promotional. With that in mind, regular visitors will see this blog grow into a collection of thoughts and views on the big technology and business issues – both well established and emerging – and will reflect the priorities inherent in a range of senior executive and board level positions.

It is not about trying to ‘educate’.  There are a great many websites (and magazines for that matter) already attempting to translate technology issues for a boardroom audience.  Instead, we want this blog to cover technology issues from a boardroom perspective – giving an insight as to how boardrooms see the value of technology; the opportunities (and threats) it presents and how organisations can, and are, responding to them.

It’s early days, but we hope that it will grow into a forum for real personal perspectives that do not always follow the mainstream, but which are always based on real experience and which reflect boardroom priorities.  At the outset, the majority of entries will inevitably be drawn from within Logicalis.  Even so, those entries will reflect the views and experiences of senior people from across the globe – they will be personal views, not corporate positions, and they will reflect regional concerns.  To borrow a well-worn phrase from the twittersphere, contributors’ views will be their own…

Over time, we will complement our own views with those from our partners and customers and from the wider business community.

In terms of topics, we’ll cover everything from cloud computing and the rapid emergence of smart devices to privacy and regulatory issues.  But overall we are interested in quality over quantity, and in responding to emerging issues rather than reacting to daily news events.  As a result, followers of this blog will see a steady stream of new posts, but not more than one per week.

In signing off, I’d like to invite CXO Unplugged readers to get involved.  Please use the comments feature to give us your views, whether you agree with our point of view or not, and get in touch if you would like to see us cover a specific topic or if you’d like to write your own post (  I hope that this new format will prove the ideal platform to share views, ideas and anything under the heading of ‘fancy that’.

Here’s to a successful 2012 for us all.

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