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Brand and Technology – How the Digital Experience Affects Brand Loyalty

Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing, Logicalis, looks at the technology user experience and its influence on brand perception.

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Tags Digital Transformation, IT Leadership, Strategy, IT leaders, Business Strategy

IoT Configuration Management - 3 Crucial Questions

Mike Alley, Service Management Principal, Logicalis US, looks at the burning need for a configuration management framework in the face of 21 billion IoT "things'.

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Tags Digital Transformation, Strategy, internet of things, IoT, ITSM, Internet of Things

The “Spectre” of a Meltdown

Ron Temske, Vice President of Security Solutions, Logicalis US, shares his thoughts about Meltdown and Spectre.

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Tags Security, Cyber Vulnerability, cybersecurity, Meltdown, Cyber Security, Spectre, Business Strategy

5 Barriers to Digital Transformation in 2018

With just 5% of CIOs stating that they have achieved full digital transformation, Bob Bailkoski, CFO Logicalis Group, looks at five barriers to digital transformation in 2018 - and five ways CIOs...

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Tags Digital Transformation, IT Leadership, IT trends, CIO, CIO Survey

Headlines from the Global CIO Survey 2017-2018

Mark Rogers, CEO at Logicalis Group, digs into the Logicalis Global CIO Survey 2017-2018 to pick out some of the major topics arising from the survey of 890 CIOs in 23 countries.

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Tags Digital Transformation, IT Leadership, Business Intelligence, business intelligence, IT leaders, IT trends, CIO, cybersecurity, CIO Survey

7 Digital Transformation (DX) articles you'll want to read

As we crunch the final numbers for the 2017-18 Logicalis CIO Survey, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the Digital Transformation (DX) trends and stories we have been posting over...

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Tags Digital Transformation

The Modern Workspace – 8 enabling technologies

Oliver Descoeudres, from Logicalis Australia, describes the eight technologies that are enabling the modern workspace.

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Tags Digital Transformation, BYOD, Strategy, IT trends, CIO, Collaboration, Analytics, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

What is IBM Watson and what can it do?

Scott Hodges, Delivery Architect Information Insights at Logicalis UK, examines the latest buzz from Big Blue and asks “what is IBM Watson and what can it do?”

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Tags Business Intelligence, business intelligence, IT trends, AI, IT Trends, IBM Watson, Business Analytics

Enterprise innovation: three strategies for CEOs to consider

Oliver Descoeudres from Logicalis Australia, outlines three strategies available to leaders to make enterprise innovation a reality. These include acquired innovation, organic innovation, and...

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Tags IT Leadership, technology innovation, innovation, CIO, CDO

What You Need to Know About Smart Cities and IoT

Adam Petrovsky, GovEd Practice Leader Logicalis US, looks at three key planks that you need to know about in the emerging world of Smart Cities and IoT.

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Tags Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Cyber Security, internet of things, IoT, Internet of Things

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