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Oliver Descoeudres

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The Modern Workspace – 8 enabling technologies

Oliver Descoeudres, from Logicalis Australia, describes the eight technologies that are enabling the modern workspace.

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Tags Digital Transformation, BYOD, Strategy, IT trends, CIO, Collaboration, Analytics, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

Enterprise innovation: three strategies for CEOs to consider

Oliver Descoeudres from Logicalis Australia, outlines three strategies available to leaders to make enterprise innovation a reality. These include acquired innovation, organic innovation, and...

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Tags IT Leadership, technology innovation, innovation, CIO, CDO

The 3 keys to a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Oliver Descoeudres from Logicalis Australia looks at the steps that any organisation setting out on a digital transformation journey must take and outlines 3 keys to a digital transformation roadmap.

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Tags Digital Transformation, Digital

Agility or Security?

Oliver Descoeudres, Logicalis Australia, looks at the security challenges inherent in delivering the more open environments that are a consequence of IT consumerisation and diverse demand for apps...

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Tags Security, as-a-Service, Data Protection and Privacy, data security, Business Strategy

Business-centric security – A shift in focus

Today’s enterprises face growing challenges to traditional ‘perimeter’ security used to protect IT services and resources, as Oliver Descoudres, of Logicalis Australia explains.

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Tags Security, Business Strategy

Third Platform and its Impact on CIOs

Earlier this year IDC Research predicted that cloud computing would grow even more rapidly over the coming years. In fact, IDC anticipates a tenfold increase in new cloud solutions, which is driven...

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Tags BYOD, Unified Communications, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Business Strategy


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