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    Happy International Women's Day!

    Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Our offices all over the world have come together to strike the #EachForEqual pose and celebrate equality.

    At Logicalis, we pride ourselves on providing a gender equal...

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    The New Digital Decade: Trust, Performance, Personalisation and Choice 

    As we enter the new decade, Chris Gabriel, Director of Technology for Logicalis UK, looks at some of the biggest trends impacting businesses and the technology industry. Chief Information Officers...

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    Our first report from this year’s research, ‘The Changing Role of the CIO’, found that 43% of CIOs are expected to contribute to revenue growth, an increase of 22% on the previous year. As such, the...

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    The first report in our four-part series from the 7th Logicalis Global CIO Survey, ‘The Changing Role of the CIO’, discovered that digital transformations are driving major changes for CIOs. As well...

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    Logicalis recognised as an industry leader in IDC MarketScape Report

    We are pleased to announce that Logicalis has been recognised as a leader in the IDC MarketScape report on Worldwide Network Consulting Services 2019 Vendor Assessment. This is a fantastic...

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    Architects of Change for Education:

    Over the past decade, higher education has undergone significant change in which Logicalis has played a pivotal role around the world. Our front row seat has given us a perspective into the...

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    13 IoT Articles

    As Logicalis heads to the Hannover Messe industrial technology show to demonstrate IoT infrastructure in actions, we look back at 13 articles about IoT.  Back in 2012 we suggested CxOs start asking...

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    Defend yourself from the online predators!

    Tom Bale, Business Development and Technical Director for Logicalis Channel Islands, explains how to defend yourself from Cyber predators.

    Is it time to stop ignoring cyber-security and actually...

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    Executive guide: What is machine learning?

    Every minute, hour and day we are generating huge volumes of data, which means ever more sophisticated and powerful tools are required to analyse it if meaningful insights are to be delivered. One...

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    CIO Survey 2018-2019: CIOs Driving ‘Distributed Innovation’

    The sixth annual Logicalis Global CIO Survey (2018-2019) has identified long overdue and significant changes in the role of CIOs across Europe, the Americas, the Far East and Australia.

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