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Whilst a pandemic lockdown for many of us has been a particularly challenging time on so many different levels, it has also been an opportunity to learn some new skills. Whilst my 6 year old daughter Elsa has learned to ride her bike, and my 8 year old boy Harry can now impersonate all of Godzilla’s monster rivals, I wanted to start my first series of blogs reflecting through a people lens on how businesses such as Logicalis are responding to some of the recent global developments.

A little bit about me

I’ve enjoyed gaining my HR leadership experiences from a wide breadth of industries such as retail with Sainsbury’s, engineering with Invensys (now Schneider Electric & Siemens Rail), aviation and financial services with GE and the last 7 years in technology with Logicalis, an international solutions provider of digital services, where I’m responsible for our people function.

What I love about my role at Logicalis is, not only collaborating every day with our great colleagues around the world and learning about their cultures and helping to solve their unique challenges, but also the sense of empowerment in our business to take on real responsibility, and the relative agility and entrepreneurial spirit that we have in Logicalis which enables us to progress at pace as architects of change for our colleagues, customers and partners.

My passions include travel (having completed two backpacking sabbaticals during my career), as well as my football team from the red side of Manchester (like most Man United fans, I’m from nowhere near Manchester) and my aforementioned children and partner Claire. 

Why am I blogging and what am I going to blog about?

I’m blogging because these are exceptional times with the global pandemic and the very recent Black Lives Matters demonstrations around the world, and I personally have learnt a lot from reading about the thoughts and experiences from many of my peers and consultant colleagues on social media, and I believe that my insights might bring some further perspectives to others leading through similar experiences.

I intend to share my insights on a few different leadership related themes in a series of bite size blogs every few weeks, starting with a view on the human engagement benefits that we need to build upon following the lockdown, and the importance of continuous listening to your teams. Learn more about Logicalis here.

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