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    Logicalis recognised with 18 awards at the Cisco Partner Summit 2021

    One of only five Cisco Global Gold Certified Partners, Logicalis has worked in partnership with Cisco for over 25 years to combine global expertise with intelligent cutting-edge solutions that...

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    The importance of advancing innovation for security

    The initial pivot towards remote working, as the world underwent its most recent digital transformation due to the pandemic, took an average of 11 days according to a survey from McKinsey. In...

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    Reinventing cybersecurity with AI

    As traditional company barriers broke down, and remote working became the norm, the threat landscape rapidly changed, bringing cybersecurity to centre stage for every digital organisation.

    To be...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, cybersecurity, AI, IT Security Tips

    How can CISOs better protect operations and data for the future?

    Workspaces have evolved rapidly in the past 18 months, with new, distributed workflows accelerated by the pandemic and the need for remote working. These workspaces need to accommodate an increasing...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, Digital Workspace, Business Strategy

    The Changing Role of the CIO - Emerging Agents of Change

    Strong customer relationships have become a critical business priority according to the results of the first report in a four-part series following the eighth annual Logicalis Global CIO Survey. The...

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    Tags Leadership, Business Intelligence, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

    Has cybersecurity become too complex to manage alone?

    As businesses rise to meet the challenge of the always on digital workspace, the pressure on IT staff is growing. With more people working from home and using their personal devices, businesses are...

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    Tags Security, Managed Services (MSP), cybersecurity

    Want return on digital investments? Look to a managed service provider

    Today every business, regardless of industry, is operating in a hyper-competitive environment with everyone battling for their place in the digital economy. With fierce competition, businesses need...

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    Tags Managed Services (MSP)

    The holy trinity in effective digital workplaces? Cloud, data, and security

    Workplaces have been in a constant state of evolution as far back as the industrial revolution, but the pace of change in the workplace has accelerated rapidly over the last few years.

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    Tags Security, Cloud, Digital Workspace, Data Protection and Privacy

    Can a lifecycle approach to cloud adoption improve success?

    Cloud adoption skyrocketed throughout the pandemic, and Gartner forecasts worldwide public cloud end-user spending to grow 23% this year as organisations continue migrating to more agile, flexible,...

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    Truly successful digital transformation includes employee experience from the start

    A staggering 97% of IT directors said their companies invested in digital transformation efforts last year, with the same number of directors expecting that investment to continue in 2021. However,...

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