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    Do CIOs hold the key to unlocking sustainable innovation?

    Business leaders are overwhelmed. According to Verizon, 66% of leaders suffered from burnout last year. This unfortunately is not surprising. Many leaders are constantly adapting to evolving customer...

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    Secrets from future facing CISOs for long-term success

    To compete in a modern marketplace, businesses need to be able to adapt to opportunities in real-time. Requiring unprecedented digital agility and flexibility, businesses need to maintain security...

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    Rethink connectivity to create productivity and scalability

    A key element to hybrid working practices is the emergence of next generation wireless technologies such as 5G and WiFi 6. In the evolving work climate, they offer faster speeds, greater capacity,...

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    Logicalis reflect on three-year journey of innovation and growth with Microsoft

    In the top 1% of Microsoft Azure partners globally as an Azure Expert MSP, Logicalis help clients unlock their true potential through hybrid cloud solutions and managed services. Initially certified...

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    Rethink security for adaptability

    Security is one of the biggest challenges that any organisation can face. As businesses look to adopt a hybrid approach, the lack of a clearly definable network perimeter has undoubtedly increased...

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    Allow employees to collaborate freely

    A vital component of any successful business is enabling employees to collaborate from anywhere. In the new digital workspace with employees split across office and home environments, effective...

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    CIO priorities: Business continuity, resilience and mitigating risk

    The move to remote working during the pandemic tested security teams to the limit as they rushed to support a borderless workforce with makeshift infrastructures. The effects of this rapid change in...

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    A new generation of workers demand a new approach to the workplace

    The workplace prior to the pandemic is unrecognisable to what it has become today. The rise of remote working and a younger digitally native workforce, is shaking up traditional business structures....

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    Diversity as a key differentiator in transformation

    Logicalis, Cisco and Microsoft discuss the impact of diversity and inclusion on business success

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    Actionable insights are the missing link to collaboration in the hybrid workplace

    The modern workplace is an increasingly complex environment, and for many is now split between the office and remote work. For businesses to succeed in this new world, they must address some of the...

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