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    Mick McNeil

    Mick McNeil is the Logicalis Group VP for Business Development and is accountable for the growth of Microsoft Cloud business globally.

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    Reinventing cybersecurity with AI

    As traditional company barriers broke down, and remote working became the norm, the threat landscape rapidly changed, bringing cybersecurity to centre stage for every digital organisation.

    To be...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, cybersecurity, AI, IT Security Tips

    5G: The next enterprise revolution

    Jargon such as ‘game-changer’ and ‘paradigm shift’ are often used in the technology industry to drive interest and excitement about the latest innovations. This overuse of adjectives makes it...

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    Your business may not exist if you are not in the Cloud

    Leaders around the globe are realising, “I won’t exist if I am not in the Cloud”. A stark reality, but one realised bymany leaders, as Satya Nadella shared in his interview with Morgan Stanley. I­t’s...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, cloud strategy, cloud computing, Cloud Computing, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

    Cloud: Everything to play for, no time to lose

    The most successful organisations find strength in adversity. 2020 brought more of that than the business community has seen in a generation, and the most forward-looking businesses are already...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing

    Predictions for 2021

    Data-driven digital transformation, secure business resilience and enhanced strategic partnerships

    The pace of digital change has been accelerated by over five years because of the pandemic. CEOs...

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    Tags Security, Digital Transformation

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