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    SDDC – Generate revenue in 4 hours, not 14 days

    David Angradi, Director, Software Defined Data Centre Solutions, Logicalis US looks at how implementing a software-defined data centre (SDDC) can have a dramatic effect on how long it takes you to...

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    Tags SDx, IT trends, Software Defined Networking, SDDC, Data Centre, cloud computing, Data Centre Services, Cloud Computing

    Brexit and the loss of Data Sovereignty

    Following the UK’s vote to leave the EU, Richard Alexander asks how Brexit might affect data sovereignty for CIOs based in the UK.

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    Tags Data Protection and Privacy, Data Sovereignty, Big Data, Data Centre Services

    Digital Enablement. The Great Modernisation

    With digital now shorthand for many aspects of what is becoming a mainstream movement across the spectrum of industry and the public sector, business is changing fast.

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    Tags Digital Transformation, Digital, IT Trends, Business Strategy

    CIO Survey - what do you think?

    As regular readers of CXO Unplugged will know, Logicalis has conducted an annual global survey of CIO pressures and priorities since 2013.

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    Tags CIO, CIO Survey

    Threat centric security for a digital world

    Richard Alexander, Solutions Director for Logicalis in the UK, introduces an infographic that neatly summarises the expanding security considerations that are part and parcel with the digital...

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    Tags Security, Threat centric, Digital

    What is a Digital Organisation?

    In this post, we examine what is meant by a digital organisation. What are their common features and how does an ‘analogue’ organisation ‘go digital’?

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    Tags Digital Transformation, Digital, IT Trends

    From CIO to CEO

    Mark Rogers, Logicalis Group's CEO, highlights the skills required for CIOs to move in to the top job in their organisations.

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    Tags IT Leadership, CIO, IT Trends, Business Strategy

    Get a grip of cloud suppliers with great dashboards

    The massive increase in the use of cloud-based applications is having a corresponding effect on the number of IT suppliers an organisation has to deal with. And it’s not just IT – line of business is...

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    Tags Business Intelligence, ITSM, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics, Business Strategy

    Being 6 Years Late to the Analytics Party Could be a Blessing

    Fanni Vig, Analytics Division Director at Logicalis UK, explains why now is the next best time to invest in business analytics, if organisations can learn from the mistakes of past – to see beyond...

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    Tags Business Intelligence, business intelligence, BI, Business Analytics, Analytics, Business Strategy

    Could Facebook’s dreams change your business?

    Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing at Logicalis, considers how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s vision for the future of the business could affect the wider business community in the years to...

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    Tags IT Leadership, Strategy, Wi-fi, Social, IT Trends, Facebook, Business Strategy

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