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    Why the GoT is more valuable to the global economy than the IoT

    A free gift, a smart 11 year-old and a lightbulb moment have Chris Gabriel asking if the Generation of Things (GoT) is of greater value to the world's economies than the Internet of Things (IoT).

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    SDx and The Software Defined City

    Chris Gabriel looks at how a UK city is deploying SDN to create a technology-agnostic citywide network that will allow driverless car experiments, traffic and environmental sensor networks, and smart...

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    Tags SDx, Software Defined Networking, SDN

    The Private Cloud – what it is not

    A firm definition of the ‘private cloud’ is at best transient and at worst, well, cloudy. Kevin Gruneisen sets out a simpler definition - what a private cloud is not.

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    Tags private cloud, cloud computing, hybrid cloud, Cloud Computing

    What can Jeremy Clarkson teach us about DDoS?

    The BBC’s suspension and subsequent decision to sack Jeremy Clarkson, the host of its Top Gear motoring show, has created quite a stir.  In the aftermath, Mel Grove wonders what the affair can teach...

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    Tags Security, distributed denial-of-service, DDoS

    The ‘Generation of Things’ Has Arrived


    Realtime Generation 2015

    Chris Gabriel looks at Logicalis UK's seventh Realtime Generation survey of UK teens.  With smart cities, the IoT and wearables already upon us, it’s the most revealing...

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    6 articles about business analytics

    This week we look back at six articles we have posted over the past three years that discuss Business Analytics.  In May 2012 we proposed predicting the future rather than analysing the past and last...

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    Big Data - The Power of Real-Time Business Analytics

    Gerry Carroll explains how more and more of today’s enterprises are deriving real transformative value from big data and real-time business analytics – successes that seemed unattainable just a short...

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    Tags Business Intelligence, business intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics

    Solve your organisation’s IT backup headaches - Backup-as-a-Service

    Kama Pathy, Technical Director, Logicalis Singapore argues that legacy backup solutions create unnecessary drag for organisations trying to adopt lean and efficient IT infrastructure, and points out...

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    Tags Security, as-a-Service, BaaS, Backup-as-a-Service, backup

    Taking on the BYOD Influx

    Chris Gabriel argues that businesses will, sooner or later, be forced to embrace BYOD and offers a series of tips for anyone preparing the ground for a productive, collaborative, yet secure BYOD...

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    Tags BYOD, Strategy

    Overcoming the Three Big Data Hurdles: Three ‘Vs’ or Four?

    Alex Watson-Jackson identifies the key barriers that continue to prevent businesses from realising the true value of real-time business analysis of big data, and offers tips on how to overcome them.

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    Tags Business Intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics

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