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    Is your data centre fit for the future?

    Bob Mobach, Practice Director, Data Center Solutions, Logicalis US argues today’s data centres are struggling to keep up with the sheer pace of change in enterprise technology – and that a new, more...

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    Tags DCaaS, Strategy, Data Centre, Data Centre as a Service, Data Centre Services, Business Strategy

    Can CXOs protect customer data from spying eyes?

    Not a week seems to go by without another revelation about the NSA, and other national security agencies, accessing companies’ data. But whether you are reassured that national security is being...

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    Tags Security

    From virtualisation to convergence: Transforming IT is (partly) in the mind

    Kevin Gruneison, Senior Director Data Centre Solutions at Logicalis Inc, explains why a move to a converged infrastructure is as much about different thinking as it is about different technology.

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    Tags converged infrastructure, virtualisation, Data Centre, Data Centre Services

    Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the non-technical CXO

    We recently announced at Logicalis that we are putting together a team to explore the immediate and future impact of Software Defined Networking. But to the non-technical CXO, what is an SDN? Gary...

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    Tags Software Defined Networking, IT Trends, SDN

    The Virtualisation Journey. Part 2 – Brave new world

    In this second of a two part series, Alex Watson-Jackson points out how a far-sighted virtualisation strategy can push the benefits well beyond consolidation and cost saving, to enable a brave new...

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    Tags virtualisation, Data Centre, Data Centre Services, Business Strategy

    The Virtualisation Journey. Part 1 – Beyond Consolidation

    In part one of a two part series, Alex Watson-Jackson looks at virtualisation – where it started, what it is now and where it is going, to offer six very good reasons to virtualise.

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    Tags virtualisation, Data Centre, Data Centre Services

    Cloud Contracts and Data Sovereignty

    In a recent press release from Gartner, ambiguous contract language and protection relating to security was highlighted as concern to buyers of commercial cloud services, particularly software as a...

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    Tags Data Protection and Privacy, Cloud Computing, Business Strategy

    ITSM. Making the whole greater than the sum of its parts

    Eugene Wolf, MD of Logicalis SMC in The Netherlands, looks at the benefits associated with taking a holistic approach to ITSM, pointing out that a really effective implementation is about more than...

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    Tags Managed Services, ITSM, Business Strategy

    If you want BYOD to work, do the maths

    Chris Gabriel takes a look behind the hype to assess the economics of BYOD and asks, "Is everyone doing it just as well as Cisco?”

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    Tags BYOD, Business Strategy

    Are the heavy weight economies coming to the IPv6 party?

    Chris Gabriel, CTO at Logicalis Group looks at the world's major economies' progress towards IPv6 readiness and what it all means...

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    Tags IPv6, Strategy, Business Strategy

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