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    Tech trends for 2014 – on the other hand…

    Last week Joanne Nelson looked at some of the tech trends for 2014 being talked about by CIOs and CTOs.  This week Joanne looks at two bumps in the road around these trends and asks what CXOs can...

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    Tags IP, IT Trends

    The hot ICT trends for 2014? You tell us…

    Joanne Nelson looks ahead to the hot ICT trends for 2014.  But this is no ordinary ‘new year predictions list.’  It is based on analysis of online conversations between IT leaders, professionals and...

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    Tags Mobility, IT trends, Big Data, internet of things, IT Trends, Business Strategy

    The future of the CIO: Delivering the ‘pseudo service provider’ IESP model

    In the third of a series of blogs about the future of the CIO and the IT function, Chris Gabriel looks at some of the changes he expects CIOs to make as they seek to transform IT functions into...

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    Tags Strategy, IESP, CIO, IT Trends, ITSM, Outsourcing, Business Strategy

    The future of the CIO: What is driving change?

    In the second of a series of blogs about the future of the CIO and the IT function, Chris Gabriel looks at the business issues that are driving change, and how he expects roles to change in step with...

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    Tags Strategy, IT leaders, CIO, Service Defined Enterprise, Aerodynamic Business, IT Trends, IT executives, Business Strategy

    Rumours of the CIOs’ demise are wildly exaggerated

    Chris Gabriel looks at the changing role of the CIO and argues that, far from becoming irrelevant in a new ‘agile business’ reality, the CIO will be more important than ever – driving a services-led...

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    Tags Strategy, IT leaders, IT trends, CIO, IT Trends, IT executives, Business Strategy

    Is it time for CXOs to ‘get real’?

    Logicalis recently launched the results of the 2013 Realtime Generation Survey (RTG), which looks at the digital footprint of today’s 13-17 year olds and captures their opinions on the digital future...

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    Tags digital adventurer, Business Intelligence, IT trends, digital natives, IT Trends, IT Staffing, Business Strategy

    It’s time to get inspired by IT (again)

    Chris Gabriel argues that IT is primed to take on a unique role at the strategic heart of organisations – but must once again be driven by inspiration – by remembering to focus not just on what...

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    Tags Leadership, IT leaders, Business Strategy

    Is your data centre fit for the future?

    Bob Mobach, Practice Director, Data Center Solutions, Logicalis US argues today’s data centres are struggling to keep up with the sheer pace of change in enterprise technology – and that a new, more...

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    Tags DCaaS, Strategy, Data Centre, Data Centre as a Service, Data Centre Services, Business Strategy

    Can CXOs protect customer data from spying eyes?

    Not a week seems to go by without another revelation about the NSA, and other national security agencies, accessing companies’ data. But whether you are reassured that national security is being...

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    Tags Security

    From virtualisation to convergence: Transforming IT is (partly) in the mind

    Kevin Gruneison, Senior Director Data Centre Solutions at Logicalis Inc, explains why a move to a converged infrastructure is as much about different thinking as it is about different technology.

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    Tags converged infrastructure, virtualisation, Data Centre, Data Centre Services

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