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    Get Ready for the Internet of Things – Part 2

    In the second of a two-part series, Lucas Pinz, senior technology manager, PromonLogicalis, looks at how the Internet of Things will transform the ICT industry – and assesses the challenges that must...

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    Get Ready for the Internet of Things – Part 1

    In the first of a two-part series, Lucas Pinz, senior technology manager, PromonLogicalis, looks at evolution of the Internet of Things - the technology ecosystem that will enable it and the tangible...

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    Tags internet of things, IoT, Internet of Things

    4 steps towards successful Application Portfolio Management

    In many organisations, line of business managers can commission new applications – few, though, have an overview of the entire portfolio. This results in a complex, inefficient and costly landscape....

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    Tags Application Portfolio Management, APM, Business Strategy

    The century post

    In our 100th blog post on CxO Unplugged, Logicalis President and COO Mark Rogers takes a look at highlights and IT trends from the previous ninety-nine.

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    Tags IT trends, IT Trends

    Five IT Headaches for the Healthcare CIO

    Ed Simcox, Healthcare Practice Leader for Logicalis US, looks at the top five issues facing CIOs in healthcare organisations today, and some of the steps they can take to address them.

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    Tags HIT, Healthcare IT, Healthcare, Business Strategy

    Enterprise Mobility & BYOD - 32 extra employee hours per month!

    The productivity benefits of BYOD and enterprise mobility are becoming hard to ignore and corporate adoption is growing, but are businesses getting it right in terms of procedure and policy?  Caryn...

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    Tags BYOD, Strategy, Enterprise Mobility, enterprise mobility, Business Strategy

    The middle market has big plans for unified communications

    Cory Rehfeldt, Collaboration Practice Director, looks at the benefits and pitfalls associated with mid-market companies’ plans for unified communications – and advocates a carefully planned approach.

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    Tags BYOD, Strategy, Unified Communications, unified communications

    Three ways to overcome barriers to converged infrastructure

    Given the abundant benefits of a move to converged infrastructure, Brett Anderson, Director Cloud and Data Centre Solutions, asks why so many CIOs are still struggling to persuade boardrooms to...

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    Tags Converged Infrastructure, converged infrastructure, Data Centre, cloud computing, Cloud Computing, Business Strategy

    Defining Service-led Transformation – Part 2 Service Defined Enterprise

    In this second of a two part series Mark Rogers examines the real world impact of the shift to ‘Third Platform IT” and the rise of the “Service Defined Enterprise” – what it means for CIOs, IT...

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    Defining Service-led Transformation – Part 1. Third Platform

    In this, the first of a two part series, Mark Rogers, President and COO of Logicalis Group, examines the impact of the “Third Platform” on enterprise IT  - what‘s driving it, how it will affect IT...

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    Tags Service Defined Enterprise, Outsourcing Services, IT Trends, ITSM, Business Strategy

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