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    So what is this Internet of Things?

    Richard Alexander explains why the Internet of Things (IoT) is so much more than fridges that tell us the milk has gone bad, or that you’re running low on eggs - and what its sheer scale means for...

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    Tags IT trends, internet of things, IoT, Internet of Things, Business Strategy

    8 ways the CIO can transform the IT department – and survive

    Logicalis is currently examining the shift from technology-focused to services-led IT through its third Global Survey ‘CIO Pressures and Priorities’. Joanne Nelson, VP of International Market for...

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    Tags Strategy, Managed Services, Service Defined Enterprise, IT Trends, cloud computing, Cloud Computing, Business Strategy

    The five keys to monetising Big Data

    Julie Spiller, VP, Vertical Solutions & Proposition Management for Logicalis US, points out that without effective monetisation, Big Data is just an expensively stored mountain of ones and zeros –...

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    Tags Big Data, Business Strategy

    Innovation? Don’t forget your ITSM environment

    Erwin ter Berg of Logicalis SMC explains why ITSM should not be ignored when CIOs look at ‘necessary changes in IT’.

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    Tags IT trends, Managed Services, ITSM, Business Strategy

    Protect your Digital Assets - Take the CIA Approach

    With data breaches making headlines worldwide, CIOs concerned about the security of their companies’ digital assets – and whether their organisations will recover if their data is stolen, lost or...

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    Tags Security, Data Protection and Privacy, data protection, data security

    Navigating the rapids: How CIOs can stay relevant

    Mike Alley looks at the challenges facing CIOs operating in an increasingly user-driven business technology landscape – and identifies three key steps that could help smart CIOs to transform IT...

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    Tags IT leaders, IT trends, CIO, IT Trends, IT executives

    Five ways to use IT security as a business enabler


    Mike Johnson explains how IT security can be more than just an insurance policy against data breaches – and why business leaders also need to consider the benefits.

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    Tags Security, Strategy

    Optimise your storage for Big Data analytics

    For most organisations, analytics is not the priority roadblock when it comes to extracting value from Big Data.  Bob Hankins explains why dealing with storage issues is the first job in most cases.

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    Tags storage, Business Intelligence, business intelligence, Storage and Backup, Big Data, Business Analytics

    Spatial intelligence: Understanding the new retail reality

    Richard Simmons explains why changing consumer behaviour, driven by technological change since the birth of ecommerce 20 years ago, has been repeatedly mis-understood – and why real understanding...

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    Tags retail, Business Intelligence, business intelligence, ecommerce, Big Data, Spatial Intelligence, Business Analytics

    Six benefits of modernising storage and backup infrastructures

    Letting an organisation’s storage and backup infrastructure fall behind the times is fraught with risk – from steeply rising costs and compromised performance to a lack of preparedness if disaster...

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    Tags storage, Disaster Recovery, Storage and Backup, backup, Business Strategy

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