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The Fractional CIO and ITSM: Keeping the balls in the air

Mike Alley, Director of IT Service Management for Logicalis US, looks at the role IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions can play in helping CIOs to maintain control of increasingly complex...

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Tags Managed Services, ITSM, Business Strategy

IPv6 readiness. First steps for your IT department

In the third of a three part series, Lucas Pinz, Senior Technology Manager at PromonLogicalis in Brazil looks at the simple steps your IT department can take in working towards an IPv6 readiness plan.

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Tags IPv6, Strategy, Business Strategy

IPv6 - Is there an internet-shaped hole in your growth plans?

In the first of a three part series, Lucas Pinz, Senior Technology Manager at PromonLogicalis in Brazil, looks at the impact of failing to adapt to a new global internet protocol, IPv6, on every...

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Tags IPv6, Strategy, Business Strategy

Five Reasons to Conduct a Storage Assessment Today

Time to carry out a storage assessment?

Bob Hankins, vice president, Storage Solutions, Logicalis US, sets out why legacy storage just won’t cut it in tomorrow’s workplace and provides five...

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Tags storage, Data Centre, Data Centre Services, Business Strategy

Cyber liability insurance. Another Y2K or a new essential?

Mark Rogers looks at the huge and rapidly growing market for cyber liability insurance and the risks highlighted by those bringing these new products to market, to ask “Is this something we really...

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Tags Security, Strategy, Disaster Recovery, IT trends, data security, Business Strategy

Big Data – Big errors and a funny feeling

Big Data - Big Errors?

Chris Gabriel looks at recent data calculation errors and suggests that CIOs should address certain basics in the light of rapidly growing big data volumes.

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Tags Strategy, business intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics, Business Strategy

The rise of Shadow IT – should CIOs take umbrage?

A recent article from Logicalis Australia discussed Shadow IT, sometimes know as Stealth IT, and how CIOs need to re-assert themselves in their organisations as other departments take the lion’s...

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Tags IT leaders, Managed Services, IT executives, Stealth IT, Outsourcing, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

EU Cyber Security Directive

Mark Rogers addresses growth and security and how a proposed EU Cyber Security Directive focussing on network and information security (NIS), must get the balance right.

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Tags Security, Strategy, EU, IT Trends, Europe, Business Strategy

M2M, sensors and all that

Having spent a week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Rodrigo Parreira looks beyond the plethora of new, elegant, cool and sleek tablets, smartphones and other devices on display, and...

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Tags machine to machine, IT Trends, M2M, Business Strategy

EU Data Protection Directive enters Hot Phase

EU Data Protection Directive enters "Hot Phase"

Mark Rogers takes a look at the latest developments in the European Commission’s drive to harmonise data protection legislation across the EU with a...

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Tags Strategy, Data Protection and Privacy, data protection, IT Trends, Business Strategy

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