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5 articles about the changing role of the CIO

The changing role of the CIO - where next?

Whilst most roles on the board develop over time, the CIO's role is changing faster than others due to, amongst other things, the consumerisation of...

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Tags Strategy, IT leaders, IT trends, IESP, CIO, IT executives, IT Staffing, Business Strategy

Is IT succeeding in redefining its business role?

Ed Konopasek, VP, Cloud and Data Centre Solutions says evidence that CIOs are redefining the role of IT departments – from maintenance to a function that ensures business and technology work as one –...

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Tags Role of IT, Role of CIO, IT Trends, Business Strategy

Reshaping the CIO Role: The transformation gathers pace

Chris Gabriel takes another look at the changing role of the CIO.  Six months after Logicalis research found signs of a fundamental shift, has reality borne out the theory?

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Tags IT leaders, CIO, Uncategorised, IT executives, IT Staffing, Business Strategy

IPv6 for banking networks

Lucas Pinz looks at the dangers faced by Brazilian (and other) banks who do not address the pressing call to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6.

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Tags IPv6, Business Strategy

The Holy Grail? How to set information free and reign in costs

Eugene Wolf Director of Logicalis SMC explains how Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) can hold the key to delivering a holistic view of fragmented corporate information, to underpin better...

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Tags Enterprise Portfolio Management, EPM, Managed Services, ITSM, Business Strategy

Five points to consider as you develop a cloud strategy

The buzz around the cloud is very real. It offers considerable business agility, cost efficiencies and service improvements. What the buzz doesn’t tell you is that getting to the point where the...

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Tags Strategy, cloud strategy, cloud computing, ITSM, Cloud Computing, Business Strategy

Weathering the storm: Four ways DRaaS can help you sleep easy

As the UK begins to recover from its wettest winter for 100 years, while the US and Australia remain in the grip of extreme weather, Mark Rogers looks at how Disaster Recovery as a Service could help...

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Tags Security, Strategy, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, Business Strategy

The hot ICT trends for 2014? You tell us…

Joanne Nelson looks ahead to the hot ICT trends for 2014. But this is no ordinary ‘new year predictions list.’ It is based on analysis of online conversations between IT leaders, professionals and...

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Tags Mobility, IT trends, Big Data, internet of things, IT Trends, Business Strategy

The future of the CIO: Delivering the ‘pseudo service provider’ IESP model

In the third of a series of blogs about the future of the CIO and the IT function, Chris Gabriel looks at some of the changes he expects CIOs to make as they seek to transform IT functions into...

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Tags Strategy, IESP, CIO, IT Trends, ITSM, Outsourcing, Business Strategy

The future of the CIO: What is driving change?

In the second of a series of blogs about the future of the CIO and the IT function, Chris Gabriel looks at the business issues that are driving change, and how he expects roles to change in step with...

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Tags Strategy, IT leaders, CIO, Service Defined Enterprise, Aerodynamic Business, IT Trends, IT executives, Business Strategy

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