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    Business Collaboration: Conducting the Virtual Choir

    Lucas Pinz, Senior IP Technology and Architectures Manager PromonLogicalis, examines the lessons businesses can learn from the ‘Virtual Choir’, a stunning illustration of the potential for creativity...

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    Tags IT leaders, Unified Communications, Collaboration, Business Strategy, collaboration

    Creating the Aerodynamic Business (part 2)

    Chris Gabriel continues to explore the concept of the ‘Aerodynamic Business’.  In this second of a two-part post, he looks at the four technology innovations that hold the key to adopting an...

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    Tags Strategy, Aerodynamic Business, Business Strategy

    Creating the Aerodynamic Business (part 1)

    Chris Gabriel continues to explore the concept of the ‘Aerodynamic Business’.  In this two-part follow up to his first post in the series, Chris looks at the organisational attributes that define the...

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    Tags Strategy, Aer, Aerodynamic Business, Business Strategy

    Mobile IT – choosing a vendor in a crowded market

    In a follow up to his recent look at the options available to organisations seeking to manage the data security risks associated with BYOD, James Tay, CEO at Logicalis Asia, sets out the...

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    Tags BYOD, Mobile IT, MAM, MDM, Business Strategy

    Is there a staffing crisis that will change the face of IT?

    Right now staffing accounts for more than 30% of the average IT budget – so it’s little wonder that headcount is always under scrutiny as companies look efficiencies and opportunities to manage...

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    Tags Staffing, IT Staffing, Business Strategy

    There may be turbulence ahead

    Organisations worldwide started fastening their seat-belts and jettisoning ballast in 2008, when the headwinds of an economic storm started to build.  Chris Gabriel assesses where the scramble to...

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    Tags digital adventurer, Strategy, IT leaders, CIO, IT executives, Business Strategy

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