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    Logicalis recognised as an industry leader in IDC MarketScape Report

    We are pleased to announce that Logicalis has been recognised as a leader in the IDC MarketScape report on Worldwide Network Consulting Services 2019 Vendor Assessment. This is a fantastic...

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    8 Steps to a Cyber-Security Culture

    Tom Bale, Business Development and Technical Director for Logicalis Channel Islands identifies 8 steps towards developing a cyber-security culture in your organisation.

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    Tags Security, IT Leadership, cybersecurity, Cyber Security, Cyber-Security Culture, Business Strategy

    Brand and Technology – How the Digital Experience Affects Brand Loyalty

    Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing, Logicalis, looks at the technology user experience and its influence on brand perception.

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    The “Spectre” of a Meltdown

    Ron Temske, Vice President of Security Solutions, Logicalis US, shares his thoughts about Meltdown and Spectre.

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    Tags Security, Cyber Vulnerability, cybersecurity, Meltdown, Cyber Security, Spectre, Business Strategy

    The Modern Workspace – 8 enabling technologies

    Oliver Descoeudres, from Logicalis Australia, describes the eight technologies that are enabling the modern workspace.

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    Tags Digital Transformation, BYOD, Strategy, IT trends, CIO, Collaboration, Analytics, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

    Big data analytics and the leadership vacuum

    We’re in the midst of a series of blog posts, dissecting the results of the Logicalis Global CIO study. In this article, Fanni Vig looks at why big data analytics needs senior business sponsorship.

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    Distributed IT - Shadow IT rebranded

    In this sixth blog of our series drawing on the Logicalis Global CIO study, CEO Mark Rogers revisits the thorny issue of Shadow IT – an issue that is both feared for the cracks it creates in an...

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    Tags Uncategorised, Distributed IT, CIO Survey, IT Trends, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

    What is Ransomware? A C-Suite Quick Guide

    Significant attention is being given in the news across the world to active and emerging cyber attacks. Alastair Broom,  takes a look at one of those: Ransomware - to ask what it is and how some...

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    Tags Security, Strategy, cybersecurity, Cyber Security, CIO Survey, ransomware, Business Strategy

    Want to Benefit from the Internet of Things? Be Prepared…

    In the fourth of a nine-part series drawing on the Logicalis Global CIO study, Lucas Pinz explains why preparation is key for businesses that want to benefit from the Internet of Things – a widening...

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    Tags internet of things, IoT, Internet of Things, Business Strategy

    What CFOs want from CIOs

    Bob Bailkoski, Logicalis CFO, looks at what CFOs want from CIOs and how they can deliver.

    Digital technologies, such as big data, analytics, mobile and cloud, are now more closely connected to the...

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    Tags IT Leadership, IT leaders, CIO, CFO, Business Strategy

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