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8 ways the CIO can transform the IT department – and survive

Logicalis is currently examining the shift from technology-focused to services-led IT through its third Global Survey ‘CIO Pressures and Priorities’. Joanne Nelson, VP of International Market for...

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Tags Strategy, Managed Services, Service Defined Enterprise, IT Trends, cloud computing, Cloud Computing, Business Strategy

Five ways to use IT security as a business enabler


Mike Johnson explains how IT security can be more than just an insurance policy against data breaches – and why business leaders also need to consider the benefits.

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Tags Security, Strategy

Taking on the BYOD Influx

Chris Gabriel argues that businesses will, sooner or later, be forced to embrace BYOD and offers a series of tips for anyone preparing the ground for a productive, collaborative, yet secure BYOD...

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Tags BYOD, Strategy

Agile Development, but what about Agile Deployment?

Fred Kouwenberg, Sales Director at Logicalis SMC looks at a key challenge today’s agile organisations pose for operations teams - deploying new releases to production immediately after development...

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Tags Strategy, Application Services, Development, Agile Deployment, Aerodynamic Business, Agile Development

The IT power shift: How will CIOs respond?

As CIOs increasingly accept that line of business colleagues will take over IT purchasing decisions. Mark Rogers, President and COO at Logicalis, assesses their response - drawing on findings from...

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Tags Strategy, IT leaders, CIO, IT Trends, IT executives, Shadow IT, Business Strategy

Enterprise Mobility & BYOD - 32 extra employee hours per month!

The productivity benefits of BYOD and enterprise mobility are becoming hard to ignore and corporate adoption is growing, but are businesses getting it right in terms of procedure and policy?  Caryn...

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Tags BYOD, Strategy, Enterprise Mobility, enterprise mobility, Business Strategy

The middle market has big plans for unified communications

Cory Rehfeldt, Collaboration Practice Director, looks at the benefits and pitfalls associated with mid-market companies’ plans for unified communications – and advocates a carefully planned approach.

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Tags BYOD, Strategy, Unified Communications, unified communications

5 articles about the changing role of the CIO


The changing role of the CIO - where next?

Whilst most roles on the board develop over time, the CIO's role is changing faster than others due to, amongst other things, the  consumerisation...

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Tags Strategy, IT leaders, IT trends, IESP, CIO, IT executives, IT Staffing, Business Strategy

Five points to consider as you develop a cloud strategy

The buzz around the cloud is very real. It offers considerable business agility, cost efficiencies and service improvements. What the buzz doesn’t tell you is that getting to the point where the...

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Tags Strategy, cloud strategy, cloud computing, ITSM, Cloud Computing, Business Strategy

Weathering the storm: Four ways DRaaS can help you sleep easy

As the UK begins to recover from its wettest winter for 100 years, while the US and Australia remain in the grip of extreme weather, Mark Rogers looks at how Disaster Recovery as a Service could help...

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Tags Security, Strategy, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, Business Strategy

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