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Big Data – Big errors and a funny feeling

Big Data - Big Errors?

Chris Gabriel looks at recent data calculation errors and suggests that CIOs should address certain basics in the light of rapidly growing big data volumes.

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Tags Strategy, business intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics, Business Strategy

EU Cyber Security Directive

Mark Rogers addresses growth and security and how a proposed EU Cyber Security Directive focussing on network and information security (NIS), must get the balance right.

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Tags Security, Strategy, EU, IT Trends, Europe, Business Strategy

BYOD in Schools – Taking Care of Security

Following Chris Gabriel’s examination of BYOD in Education, this follow up addresses some of the security issues faced by BYOD in schools.

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Tags Security, BYOD, Strategy, Education

EU Data Protection Directive enters Hot Phase

EU Data Protection Directive enters "Hot Phase"

Mark Rogers takes a look at the latest developments in the European Commission’s drive to harmonise data protection legislation across the EU with a...

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Tags Strategy, Data Protection and Privacy, data protection, IT Trends, Business Strategy

How to COPE with BYOD

Chris Meager looks at Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE), a BYOD model that may suit organisations who require a higher degree of predictability over their network of devices, with the...

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Tags BYOD, Strategy, IT trends, COPE, IT Trends, Business Strategy

Tis the season for predictions - ICT trends for 2013

In the run up to the holiday period, Logicalis CEO Ian Cook addresses some of the ICT trends for 2013. Consumers will be driving many ICT trends for 2013 and this will require investment by...

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Tags BYOD, Strategy, business intelligence, virtualisation, Big Data, cloud computing, Cloud Computing, Business Analytics

The Internet of things – can objects get social?

Ian Cook looks at the Internet of things and asks how this idea might manifest itself and, more importantly, what businesses should be doing to capitalise on the concept.

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Tags Strategy, technology innovation, IT trends, innovation, Unified Communications, internet of things, IT Trends, Business Strategy

Harnessing Everyday Innovation – part 2

In the first of this two part series, Ian Cook, explored the role that communication and collaboration technologies can play in harnessing ‘informal innovation’. In this second part, Logicalis UK MD,...

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Tags Strategy, innovation, Unified Communications, Aerodynamic Business, unified communications, Collaboration, Business Strategy, communication, collaboration

Green IT isn’t dead. It’s healthier than ever – under a new name

Chris Gabriel takes a sidelong look at yesterday’s fad, green IT, and finds what we all knew ten years ago - when it comes to eco-friendly IT, necessity is the mother of adoption.

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Tags BYOD, Strategy, Environment, video as a service, video collaboration, virtualisation, Green IT, unified communications, Data Centre, cloud computing, Collaboration, Business Strategy, video conferencing

Harnessing everyday innovation - part 1

Ian Cook, CEO at Logicalis, explores the vital role that collaboration and communication tools and technologies can play in enabling a business culture in which everyday ideas and inspiration can...

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Tags communication technologies, Strategy, innovation, collaboration tools, unified communications, Collaboration, Business Strategy, communication, collaboration

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