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    IT Security-as-a-Topping is off the menu

    According to PwC’s annual Global State of Information Security Survey, UK businesses are spending an average £6.2m every year on IT security (up from £3m in 2015). Richard Alexander, CTO for...

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    Tags Security, Digital Transformation, as-a-Service, IT Trends

    Making predictions in an unpredictable world

    In the year of Brexit and Trump, Chris Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer for Logicalis Europe predicts that electronic digital crime will explode, data privacy breaches will claim scalps, automation...

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    Tags Security, Data Protection and Privacy, internet of things, IT Trends, IoT, data security, Internet of Things, Open Source

    Security: Don’t just keep up, keep house - a blog from the Cisco Partner Summit 2016

    Chris Gabriel explains why CIOs are worried about threats from Ransomware to Ghostware put Network Security Investment as their #1 Priority – and why Cisco research shows they also need to keep...

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    Tags Security, Cisco, Cyber Security, CIO Survey

    Five cyber security questions CIOs must be able to answer…

    Given the eye watering costs that can be incurred when security doesn’t do its job, Ricky Magalhaes, head of the Offshore Security Services Division at Logicalis, looks at the steps CIOs can take to...

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    Tags Security, Strategy, Data Protection and Privacy, Cyber Security, data security

    Threat centric security for a digital world

    Richard Alexander, Solutions Director for Logicalis in the UK, introduces an infographic that neatly summarises the expanding security considerations that are part and parcel with the digital...

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    Tags Security, Threat centric, Digital

    Agility or Security?

    Oliver Descoeudres, Logicalis Australia, looks at the security challenges inherent in delivering the more open environments that are a consequence of IT consumerisation and diverse demand for apps...

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    Tags Security, as-a-Service, Data Protection and Privacy, data security, Business Strategy

    Business-centric security – A shift in focus

    Today’s enterprises face growing challenges to traditional ‘perimeter’ security used to protect IT services and resources, as Oliver Descoudres, of Logicalis Australia explains.

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    Tags Security, Business Strategy

    Protect your Digital Assets - Take the CIA Approach

    With data breaches making headlines worldwide, CIOs concerned about the security of their companies’ digital assets – and whether their organisations will recover if their data is stolen, lost or...

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    Tags Security, Data Protection and Privacy, data protection, data security

    Five ways to use IT security as a business enabler


    Mike Johnson explains how IT security can be more than just an insurance policy against data breaches – and why business leaders also need to consider the benefits.

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    Tags Security, Strategy

    What can Jeremy Clarkson teach us about DDoS?

    The BBC’s suspension and subsequent decision to sack Jeremy Clarkson, the host of its Top Gear motoring show, has created quite a stir.  In the aftermath, Mel Grove wonders what the affair can teach...

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    Tags Security, distributed denial-of-service, DDoS

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