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    Solve your organisation’s IT backup headaches - Backup-as-a-Service

    Kama Pathy, Technical Director, Logicalis Singapore argues that legacy backup solutions create unnecessary drag for organisations trying to adopt lean and efficient IT infrastructure, and points out...

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    Tags Security, as-a-Service, BaaS, Backup-as-a-Service, backup

    Why technological innovation makes Santa Claus more probable…

    In the run up to Christmas, Chris Gabriel, CTO Logicalis UK, addresses how technology proves beyond doubt that Santa Claus exists and is increasing productivity due to technological innovation.

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    Tags Security, Outsourcing Services, Business Analytics

    Weathering the storm: Four ways DRaaS can help you sleep easy

    As the UK begins to recover from its wettest winter for 100 years, while the US and Australia remain in the grip of extreme weather, Mark Rogers looks at how Disaster Recovery as a Service could help...

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    Tags Security, Strategy, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, Business Strategy

    Seven deadly wins. As a service, is this the year when CIOs get ‘Xaasy’?

    Vince DeLuca, CEO Logicalis US, wonders which of the seven main ‘aaS’ (as a service) applications will underpin service-led transformation as CIOs strive to maintain their own relevance in the face...

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    Tags Security, Application Services, Disaster Recovery, XaaS, video as a service, IT Trends, ITSM, Data Centre Services

    Can CXOs protect customer data from spying eyes?

    Not a week seems to go by without another revelation about the NSA, and other national security agencies, accessing companies’ data. But whether you are reassured that national security is being...

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    Tags Security

    Cyber liability insurance. Another Y2K or a new essential?

    Mark Rogers looks at the huge and rapidly growing market for cyber liability insurance and the risks highlighted by those bringing these new products to market, to ask “Is this something we really...

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    Tags Security, Strategy, Disaster Recovery, IT trends, data security, Business Strategy

    EU Cyber Security Directive

    Mark Rogers addresses growth and security and how a proposed EU Cyber Security Directive focussing on network and information security (NIS), must get the balance right.

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    Tags Security, Strategy, EU, IT Trends, Europe, Business Strategy

    BYOD in Schools – Taking Care of Security

    Following Chris Gabriel’s examination of BYOD in Education, this follow up addresses some of the security issues faced by BYOD in schools.

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    Tags Security, BYOD, Strategy, Education

    When flexible working met outsourcing

    One ‘enterprising’ employee in the US last week reminded us of one the basic truths of IT security. Logicalis CEO Ian Cook looks at what happened when flexible working met outsourcing.

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    Tags Security, Staffing, Managed Services, Outsourcing Services, data security, Outsourcing

    Bring your own device (BYOD) is here to stay, but what about the risks?

    James Tay, CEO at Logicalis Asia, considers the options when it comes to managing the data security risks associated with BYOD. Should it be the traditional Network Access Control (NAC) approach, the...

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    Tags Security, BYOD, MAM, data security, MDM

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