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    Creating a culture of innovation and the digital workplace

    Innovation is a crucial priority for businesses in every industry. There is a clear need to differentiate and grow ahead of the competition to deliver on customer need. But with this drive for...

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    Modern workspaces need modern security to succeed

    One of the key requirements of the modern workplace is flexibility. A recent survey by PwC found that 79% of employees value the importance of flexible working to maintain a good work-life balance...

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    Tags Security, Digital Workspace

    Bringing together an intergenerational workforce for the future

    Born into an increasingly digital world, where connections are more frequently made online than off, the ‘Born Digital’ generations made up of Gen Z and millennials, are undoubtedly the natives in...

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    Tags Digital Workspace, Collaboration

    Rethinking the way we work

    As we emerge from a period of global socioeconomic volatility, we have an opportunity to capitalise on the ‘forced experiments’ of the last year and consider their learnings from such a...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, Business Strategy, IT Transformation

    Unlocking data to drive business strategy and accelerate growth

    The first report from Logicalis’ 2021 Global CIO Survey, The Changing Role of the CIO: Agents of Change, revealed there has been a notable shift in the role of the CIO, as respondents highlighted...

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    Tags Digital Transformation, IoT/Data, Business Strategy

    Cisco and Logicalis share three top myths affecting business growth

    Following their recent Truth in IT webcast, we have put together the top three cybersecurity myths busted by Frank Lento, Managing Director of Global Security Channels, Partnerships and Ecosystems...

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    Tags Security

    Accelerating Workspace Transformation with Cisco

    Work used to be a fixed place you go to, but it has evolved into something you do. Top and emerging talent is conscious of this transition and expects more flexibility from employers when it comes...

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    Tags IT Transformation

    Logicalis recognised with 18 awards at the Cisco Partner Summit 2021

    One of only five Cisco Global Gold Certified Partners, Logicalis has worked in partnership with Cisco for over 25 years to combine global expertise with intelligent cutting-edge solutions that...

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    The importance of advancing innovation for security

    The initial pivot towards remote working, as the world underwent its most recent digital transformation due to the pandemic, took an average of 11 days according to a survey from McKinsey. In...

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    Reinventing cybersecurity with AI

    As traditional company barriers broke down, and remote working became the norm, the threat landscape rapidly changed, bringing cybersecurity to centre stage for every digital organisation.

    To be...

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