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Chris Gabriel

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Big Data or Accurate Data – Horse in, Beef out…

Chris Gabriel points out that the impact of the European horsemeat scandal isn’t limited to every related piece of digital information in computer systems across Europe being wrong. But that every...

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Tags Big Data, Business Analytics

BYOD in Schools – High Definition Education?

BYOD in schools, Chris Gabriel looks at whether allowing school children to BYOD is a good idea or just a faddy notion.

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Tags BYOD, IT trends, BYOD Education, digital natives

No BYOD Policy? Time to grasp the nettle

Chris Gabriel considers why it is that so few organisations have a BYOD policy in place, despite allowing employees to use their own devices for corporate purposes – and highlights a series of issues...

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Tags BYOD, Policy, Business Strategy

Google – Smart Business v Data Privacy

Not a week seems to pass without news coverage of one of the Internet giants falling short of consumer privacy expectations. Microsoft has seen Hotmail hacked - a Russian hacker claimed to have...

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Tags Data Protection and Privacy, Business Strategy

Green IT isn’t dead. It’s healthier than ever – under a new name

Chris Gabriel takes a sidelong look at yesterday’s fad, green IT, and finds what we all knew ten years ago - when it comes to eco-friendly IT, necessity is the mother of adoption.

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Tags BYOD, Strategy, Environment, video as a service, video collaboration, virtualisation, Green IT, unified communications, Data Centre, cloud computing, Collaboration, Business Strategy, video conferencing

A New Mobile Experience – Walking the walk not talking the talk

Too much... or too little wireless? If you have taken a holiday away from home this summer, you might sympathise with Chris Gabriel who looks at his recent experiences of mobile communications and...

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Tags BYOD, mobile communications, mobile experience, mobile, Mobile IT, Unified Communications, unified communications, wireless

Creating the Aerodynamic Business (part 2)

Chris Gabriel continues to explore the concept of the ‘Aerodynamic Business’. In this second of a two-part post, he looks at the four technology innovations that hold the key to adopting an...

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Tags Strategy, Aerodynamic Business, Business Strategy

Creating the Aerodynamic Business (part 1)

Chris Gabriel continues to explore the concept of the ‘Aerodynamic Business’. In this two-part follow up to his first post in the series, Chris looks at the organisational attributes that define the...

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Tags Strategy, Aer, Aerodynamic Business, Business Strategy

There may be turbulence ahead

Organisations worldwide started fastening their seat-belts and jettisoning ballast in 2008, when the headwinds of an economic storm started to build. Chris Gabriel assesses where the scramble to...

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Tags digital adventurer, Strategy, IT leaders, CIO, IT executives, Business Strategy

Why the Digital Natives need new Digital Adventurers

This week Chris Gabriel gives his view on the idea that the future of technology and innovation lies in the hands of "Digital Natives". He draws on his own formative technology experiences to argue...

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Tags digital adventurer, CIO, Uncategorised, digital natives, digital migrant

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