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Chris Gabriel

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It’s time to get inspired by IT (again)

Chris Gabriel argues that IT is primed to take on a unique role at the strategic heart of organisations – but must once again be driven by inspiration – by remembering to focus not just on what...

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Tags Leadership, IT leaders, Business Strategy

Can CXOs protect customer data from spying eyes?

Not a week seems to go by without another revelation about the NSA, and other national security agencies, accessing companies’ data. But whether you are reassured that national security is being...

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Tags Security

If you want BYOD to work, do the maths

Chris Gabriel takes a look behind the hype to assess the economics of BYOD and asks, "Is everyone doing it just as well as Cisco?”

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Tags BYOD, Business Strategy

Are the heavy weight economies coming to the IPv6 party?

Chris Gabriel, CTO at Logicalis Group looks at the world's major economies' progress towards IPv6 readiness and what it all means...

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Tags IPv6, Strategy, Business Strategy

Why I am really angry about government data collection

Chris Gabriel looks back on a period of controversy over government data collection practices and asks, "Which bit of my data do I most want collected and used?"

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Tags business intelligence, Big Data, Government data collection, Business Analytics

Are you a fractional CIO?

Chris Gabriel looks at the rise of a new kind of CIO, and identifies the new equation behind successful business aligned technology strategies.

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Tags IT leaders, IT trends, fractional cio, Uncategorised, IT Staffing

Big Data – Big errors and a funny feeling

Big Data - Big Errors?

Chris Gabriel looks at recent data calculation errors and suggests that CIOs should address certain basics in the light of rapidly growing big data volumes.

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Tags Strategy, business intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics, Business Strategy

BYOD in Schools – Taking Care of Security

Following Chris Gabriel’s examination of BYOD in Education, this follow up addresses some of the security issues faced by BYOD in schools.

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Tags Security, BYOD, Strategy, Education

Real time education for the Real Time Generation

BYOD isn’t the only way to embed technology in education, says Chris Gabriel.

The Real Time Generation survey, the results of which we released late last year, highlighted young people’s attitudes to...

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Tags BYOD, technology innovation, IT Trends, Education

ICT Education and the Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Pi - why not give every 11-16 year old the opportunity to program?

The next generation of digital innovators is already out there. We are just not looking in the right places nor giving...

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Tags digital adventurer, realtime generation, IT trends, innovation, digital natives, IT Trends

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