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    Converged Infrastructures: What’s All the Excitement About?

    The interest in converged infrastructures is accelerating rapidly as more and more businesses understand the value they deliver. Gerry Carroll, Marketing Director at  Logicalis UK, looks at some of...

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    Tags Converged Infrastructure, converged infrastructure, Converged, Business Strategy

    Big Data - The Power of Real-Time Business Analytics

    Gerry Carroll explains how more and more of today’s enterprises are deriving real transformative value from big data and real-time business analytics – successes that seemed unattainable just a short...

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    Tags Business Intelligence, business intelligence, Big Data, Business Analytics

    Is it time for CXOs to ‘get real’?

    Logicalis recently launched the results of the 2013 Realtime Generation Survey (RTG), which looks at the digital footprint of today’s 13-17 year olds and captures their opinions on the digital future...

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    Tags digital adventurer, Business Intelligence, IT trends, digital natives, IT Trends, IT Staffing, Business Strategy

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