Big Data - The Power of Real-Time Business Analytics

Gerry Carroll explains how more and more of today’s enterprises are deriving real transformative value from big data and real-time business analytics – successes that seemed unattainable just a short time ago.


Achieving & maintaining single customer perspective in a multichannel, big data retail environment.

Companies in nearly every industry across the globe use big data in real time as they seek to increase company value and market share. Why?  Because big data makes it possible to deliver the kind of business intelligence the C-Suite loves - the kind that comes from legitimate experience and actual business situations. So make no mistake, if you haven’t truly considered how you’re going to derive business value from your organisation’s big data, you’re late.  The time for hesitation is over and the time for action in taking on your company’s data challenges is now.

Fortunately, the seeds of big data success have already been planted - real-time big data analytics are now achievable because of a recent technology shift. Instead of accessing secondary storage or external memory (the historical norm database access) enterprises can execute their analytics with in-memory data processing. In-memory computing retains data in primary storage so it can be accessed up to 1,000 times faster than before - in seconds as opposed to days or even weeks.  As a result, many companies have already succeeded in applying real-time analytics to big data, and learned the hard lessons along the way.

All this means that realistic routes to effective real time analytics, including the major bumps in the road, are already being plotted - all you have to do it follow.

Find out more about how you can achieve and, importantly, maintain a single customer perspective in this roadmap for a multi channel, big data retail environment.

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