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    Bob Bailkoski

    Bob is the Chief Executive Officer of Logicalis Group. He joined Logicalis Group in November 2015 as Chief Financial Officer and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in March 2018 before taking the role of Chief Executive Officer for the Logicalis Group in March 2020. Bob brings over fifteen years of international experience to the Group and has lived and worked in Australia, Switzerland and the USA.

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    Necessity is the mother of transformation

    Over recent months, our lives have changed beyond recognition. Many of us are adapting to new remote working environments, managing home-schooling and trying to predict when things will go back to...

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    Being of service during the crisis

    There are several silver linings around the dark cloud that Covid-19 has brought to our lives. The news is grim but there are many stories of heroic efforts that have emerged from this testing...

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    5 Barriers to Digital Transformation in 2018

    With just 5% of CIOs stating that they have achieved full digital transformation, Bob Bailkoski, CFO  Logicalis Group, looks at five barriers to digital transformation in 2018 - and five ways CIOs...

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    What CFOs want from CIOs

    Bob Bailkoski, Logicalis CFO, looks at what CFOs want from CIOs and how they can deliver.

    Digital technologies, such as big data, analytics, mobile and cloud, are now more closely connected to the...

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