Our People Promise

During lockdown, like many have been observing, Logicalis have definitely experienced an increase in loyalty from
our people, with the level of trust and feeling of goodwill in the employment relationship through these challenging times being stronger than any time in recent memory. This is consistently coming through in our very healthy engagement scores from our continuous listening global “Pulse” platform from Peakon, which are trending higher in most regions when compared to engagement scores in recent years.  

However, given the competition for talent in tech is so rife and our engagement scores are up against the highest benchmarks for any industry that exist within tech, our focus on our employees’ experience is critical to our future success. Gartner’s recent research shows that employees who are fully satisfied with their experiences at work, are 52% more likely to report making high discretionary effort, 62% more likely to report that they have a high intention to stay, 89% more likely to meet organisation innovation goals and 48% more likely to meet organisation customer satisfaction goals.

We wanted to make a commitment to our employees around the group, that we would strive to consistently do a good job in the moments that really matter to them via our new “People Promise” which we are launching across the group over the coming weeks.

The 5 global pillars of the People Promise were determined following the input from hundreds of our employees around the group via online surveys and focus groups on what were the moments that really mattered to them whilst working at Logicalis. These are Great First Impressions, Life and Work Matter, Professional Development, inclusive Team Work and Recognition and Being Valued. Whilst globally our promise is the same, activities under each pillar will vary at a country-level depending on local initiatives.

The Promise will enable our employees to hold Logicalis to account on delivering against these commitments, and for operation leadership and HR to identify and close any gaps that may exist where it is not being consistently
delivered around the group.  This framework should then help to maintain the goodwill created during lockdown in the employment relationship and in the future.

To learn more about Logicalis and how we as architects of change are enabling our customers to realise and execute on their digital transformation journeys, read more here.

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