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    The Private Cloud – what it is not

    A firm definition of the ‘private cloud’ is at best transient and at worst, well, cloudy. Kevin Gruneisen sets out a simpler definition - what a private cloud is not.

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    Tags private cloud, cloud computing, hybrid cloud, Cloud Computing

    If your cloud mirrors your on-premise environment, you’re doing it wrong.

    Kevin Gruneisen, Senior Director, Cloud and Data Center Solutions, Logicalis US explains why resolving on-premise infrastructure issues is a vital precursor to any successful journey to the cloud.

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    Tags Data Centre, cloud computing, Data Centre Services, Cloud Computing

    From virtualisation to convergence: Transforming IT is (partly) in the mind

    Kevin Gruneison, Senior Director Data Centre Solutions at Logicalis Inc, explains why a move to a converged infrastructure is as much about different thinking as it is about different technology.

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    Tags converged infrastructure, virtualisation, Data Centre, Data Centre Services

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