Want return on digital investments? Look to a managed service provider

Today every business, regardless of industry, is operating in a hyper-competitive environment with everyone battling for their place in the digital economy. With fierce competition, businesses need to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences with empowered employees who are able to work in an efficient manner on an optimised and secure environment.

Digital transformation to be able to gain the competitive advantage needed to thrive is swiftly becoming a business decision as opposed to solely an IT one. With worldwide IT spending projected to total $4.1 trillion in 2021, the source of funds for new digital business initiatives will frequently come from business departments outside IT, Gartner has found. No longer just a back-office function IT is able to help businesses to succeed long-term in an increasingly digital economy.

Having invested heavily in digital transformation many businesses may think that the job is done with a move to cloud or improved digital infrastructure. However, to extract the full value of these investments, businesses need to continuously leverage their capabilities. Unfortunately there are currently global talent shortages which is creating a significant adoption barrier when it comes to emerging technologies. Without in-house expertise it can be challenging to realise the full potential of existing technology investments, let alone emerging technologies, and in a challenging talent acquisition environment hiring in new talent may not be an option. The question is how can businesses resolve these challenges in a cost-effective manner that will deliver return on digital investments for the business?

A managed service provider (MSP) can provide the expertise and skills needed to help customers shift their attention and pivot their focus towards business service innovation and digital initiatives.

Offering a flexible service model, it provides businesses with an adaptable solution that can scale as they do. In turn this helps to keep businesses focused on the path ahead by taking care of their environment to guarantee performance by managing their cloud environment.

Providing full visibility of usage and costs, whilst ensuring the environment is secure and continually optimised, an MSP gives businesses the flexibility of support whenever it is needed. For global organisations in particular, it allows a holistic round-the-clock option regardless of time zones. This helps to avoid expensive downtime with remote monitoring and management allowing MSPs to identify, diagnose and troubleshoot before a snag becomes a serious issue.

On top of this MSPs are able to provide specialist expertise where and when it’s needed. With an entire team of professionals who can respond and help businesses adapt, they offer a cost-effective option without the need to attract and retain high-level talent in an incredibly competitive environment. Through ongoing expert advice, businesses can innovate at speed to evolve their business and address customer needs. This allows businesses to release the true value of their digital transformation investments and the benefit of continually leveraging the latest technologies.

At Logicalis our Azure experts manage your cloud environment and concentrate on ensuring your IT operations are always running at peak performance so you can remain focused on what you do best: running your business. Combining Azure expertise with the latest in cloud technology, managed in a scalable manner, we are able to support businesses on their journey towards delivering long-term sustainable growth. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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