Logicalis South Africa builds a digital future in local school

In line with our global CSR strategy, Logicalis South Africa have been focused on supporting education initiatives across the country. Supporting the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Act, an integration programme launched by the South African government to reconcile South Africans and address the inequalities of apartheid, Logicalis South Africa go above and beyond this to further education and develop future Architects of Change. From a five-year investment to help students receive grants to access further education and start businesses to equipping a school to move to online teaching during COVID-19, Logicalis South Africa are building a better future.

Recently they partnered with iCubed Technologies, to ensure local school Lenasia Muslim School, was able to successfully run online teaching and support remote learning during the pandemic. When South Africa entered national lockdown due to the pandemic, schools were forced to shut with little notice. Schools such as Lenasia Muslim School moved to a hybrid remote teaching model to continue educating students. However, this rapid shift towards digital transformation revealed some challenges in the networking system, with issues in internet connectivity.

Logicalis stepped in to help provide a range of solutions including implementing and installing a new SD-WAN, improving security and ultimately enhancing teaching by improving connectivity, to allow teachers to encourage collaboration. Supporting the school, free of charge, has allowed Lenasia Muslim School to maintain its top performing status and ensure that students received an uninterrupted learning opportunity despite the global

Ms N. Suliman, Principal of Lenasia Muslim School, commented: “The lockdown meant that Wi-Fi became an increasingly important tool due to the introduction into hybrid teaching. The school definitely needed new and solid technology, the previous LTE system was very disjointed and unstable as compared to the new SD-WAN implementation, which resulted in difficulties in facilitating effective remoting and hybrid teaching. We’re very grateful to Logicalis for assisting us with the latest fibre that was able to better position the school for the current reality and for the future.”  

Going forwards Logicalis continues to find opportunities such as this, to help support education initiatives and empower Architects of Change across the world. 

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