Supporting local communities across Germany

Giving back to the communities that we operate in is part of Logicalis’ culture and as Architects of Change we believe in the importance of building a better world for a brighter future. We believe that education is the key to this and is therefore central to our new global CSR strategy.

Bringing the power of technology, resources, and people, Logicalis GmbH began a local CSR programme, supporting community-based initiatives in every region with a Logicalis office. Local staff were asked to nominate initiatives based in their area that they felt were important for Logicalis to support, with a single initiative chosen for each region. Choosing a single initiative in each area has allowed Logicalis to build a relationship with these charities and initiatives and has meant we have been able to make a real, tangible impact on these organisations.

Engaging with range of different initiatives and charities, they were all chosen for the ability to have a direct impact on the local community, helping staff create a more positive environment at a local level. Focusing on in particular on education, we look to empower those who may not otherwise have easy access, increasing access to meaningful employment later in life and hopefully inspiring the next generation of Architects of Change.

For example, in Stuttgart, staff chose to support Bodelschwinghschule Sindelfingen, a special education centre which is committed to supporting children and teenagers through education and counselling development. In fact, using a recent donation of €500, the charity was able to purchase a training bike for the children to learn to cycle together. Over in Munich, staff decided to support Stiftung Schmetterling, a foundation that supports children and young people across Germany through education and recreational activities. By assisting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, we hope to raise aspirations and provide educational support. In Dusseldorf, a local project that supports socially disadvantaged children was chosen. Using Logicalis Germany donations they were able to run creativity workshops for the children, including a baking session and support families with groceries during Covid-19.

In the past Logicalis GmbH has hosted a range of events to raise further funds for these worthy causes including, baking, casino themed event for partners and customers, with any virtual money won by the ‘house’ donated and a summer party with money donated for everyone wearing a piece of red clothing.

Through these investments in initiatives that support education, we hope to create more opportunities for people to be able to access employment and further learning. By choosing local, initiatives that are supported over a prolonged period of time, we know that we’re able to directly impact the communities that we operate in. Director of Stiftung Schmetterling in Munich said, “Thank you again very much for your great commitment together with your employees in December. In these days and age, such dedication can no longer be taken for granted, which is why we appreciate your support that much more”.

Over the coming year, we look forward to continuing to find ways to support our local initiatives, not just in Germany but across the world.  

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